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Supporting A Healthy Environment With Sustainable Waste Management Solutions.


Our Services


Waste Management


Recycling Recovery Service:

Team Recycle will be on site 6 days a week to sort

your garbage enclosures. This will maximize

recycling, minimize your trash and prevent

contaminated recycling dumpsters. 

Team Recycle will also sweep and blow out the

enclosures when needed and handle toxic

materials and bulk items inappropriate for bin

disposal FREE OF CHARGE.

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Waste Runners Valet Garbage Service:


Team Recycle LLC offers Waste Runners, our door-      to-door, concierge waste collection and recycling  service that will set your community apart with the        growing number of environmentally conscientious        residents and significantly reduce your garbage bill at the same time!


                                                                               No longer will your tenants need to lug the trash out                                                                                   to the dumpsters. You can now provide the luxury                                                                                         amenity of residential “curbside” garbage service to                                                                                     your residents twice a week with Waste Runners.

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The Unfortunate Facts About Current Consumer Disposal Practices…

  • Every year 8 million tons of plastic waste end up in our oceans according to the National Center For Ecological Analysis.

  • The EPA also estimates over 75% of our waste could be recycled however only 30% of it actually is.

We started Team Recycle out of a desire to better our community and the environment. With China's recent ban on many of our recycled goods it is more imperative than ever that we ensure our recycling isn't contaminated by items that don't belong in the bins. The future of recycling depends on it being done properly.

That's exactly what we are here to do! Maximize your recycling and prevent contamination. 


We are in one of the most critical moments in our planet’s conservation history but you can actively make a difference by partnering with us. We want the next seven generations to enjoy the same beautiful, natural world and drink the same clean water we have been fortunate enough to enjoy.

Partner with us today make this possible!

The Environmental Impact

Team Recycle LLC is proud to announce that last year, we recovered over 250,000 lbs. of recyclable and toxic materials that would have otherwise erroneously ended up in our landfill just a few miles from our homes.

Every year, businesses using Team Recycle's service will have prevented at least 50 dumpsters worth of recyclable, toxic and reusable materials from being dumped in our local landfills!

Using our service at your property is simple and makes a truly meaningful contribution to keeping our planet green, healthy and beautiful. Not to mention you will simultaneously be saving money, your staff time, and increasing the aesthetic appeal of your property. 

How often can you make such a valuable impact, often at no additional cost to you?!





Testimonial #1:

"Team Recycle,

I want to let you know what an absolute joy it has been to experience a company that works at such a high caliber of merit. 

Recycling is a strong desire in the hearts of our tenants  and that  reason alone is enough for my interest in the service you provide. 
Granted having our containers swept and cleaned six days a week has been an outstanding visual bonus, the real reason I am writing this letter is to say "thank you". 
Thank you for always going the extra mile.  
Thank you for being so polite and cheerful to my tenants.  
Thank you for your punctuality and showing up every day- rain or shine.  
Thank you for working just as hard a year later as you did on the very first day. Thank you for your distinctive eye for detail.  
But most of all thank you for your continuous attitude of excellence. 

In sincere gratitude, "

Renee Dequa  
Glenbrook Manager 
Invest West Management Co.  


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*We are happy to provide a list of our customers who are happy to have a conversation about our service upon request.

Testimonial #2:

"My husband and I are site managers of over 140 living spaces. 
Six days a week we have contact with our Team Recycle driver. He is unfailingly pleasant, conscientious and efficient. He does an excellent job of reliably maintaining our upwards of 10 trash stations in a consistently tidy fashion and cuts costs to the owners by maximizing recycling. From our property alone, they have kept 240 dumpsters worth of recyclable materials out of the land fill every year!  
Whenever the need arises to call their office, Kristen Bartels is just as pleasant & efficient as her counterpart, Nick.  
It is a pleasure to work with a company that puts feet to their environmental impact convictions." 



Tom & Trudy Woodworth, Mgrs. 
Clairmont Apartments & Garrett Estates, Eugene OR 

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Partnerships and Community Involvement:

Recycling at Work is a national voluntary initiative challenging businesses, government agencies, schools, hospitals and other institutions to commit to increase workplace recycling by 10 percent. By taking the pledge and becoming a Pledge Partner, businesses and organizations can access special recycling bin discounts, free tools and other resources to help them increase recycling, encourage employee participation, and earn recognition for their actions.  Recycling at Work is led by Keep America Beautiful in partnership with the Alcoa Foundation.

A leading national nonprofit, Keep America Beautiful inspires and educates people to take action every day to improve and beautify their community environment. We envision a country where every community is a clean, green, and beautiful place to live. Established in 1953, Keep America Beautiful provides the expertise, programs and resources to help people end littering, improve recycling, and beautify America's communities.

2017 School of Hope, Day of Service. Together with Multifamily NW, PG Long, Greystar, Bundting Mgmt, IPM, Jennings Group and Rexius, Team Recycle helped rebuild a local preschool in an effort to improve the lives of local families.

Team Recycle donates reusable items to local St. Vincent de Paul locations. We want as many items as possible to get a second life and benefit St.Vinny's community programs. Last year this was approximately 500 items!